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Car Insurance Coverages


Getting the full coverage auto insurance that's right for you


Asking for full coverage typically means you want a specific set of coverages (liability, comprehensive and collision), and that's all. If you buy coverage this way, without personalizing it, you might end up with too little or too much.

Here, full coverage insurance means you got the right amount of insurance for you—no more, no less.

Here's how you strike that perfect balance:

When you quote with Progressive, you choose from packages—saving you from having to learn the ins and outs of every insurance coverage.

Basic coverages are the foundation of your package. Layered onto that, personalized coverages give you the extra protection that's just right for your needs.

When you quote, you'll see the full coverage insurance package that's recommended for you and get definitions of the specific coverages in them. (Hey, we're in this together.)

You can either buy this package as-is, or, you can create your own. These tools make that easy:

A la carte pricing: See exactly how much an insurance coverage will cost before you add it.

Coverage Checker®: Turn it on to see where you might have too much or too little insurance coverage, based on what you told us in your quote, like what kind of car you drive and where you live.